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25 Ways To Divorce
Without Going Broke

Excerpted from "150 Ways To Divorce Without Going Broke," the information-packed brochure by Ginita Wall.  Find out how to keep your finances in order and your costs down 

25 Ways to Save Taxes Through Life's Transitions
Taxes are a part of every financial decision.  This booklet will help you save money on taxes through all of life's transitions.

Love & Money:
25 Financial Tips for Couples
Here are ways that you, as a couple, can improve your relationship with money.

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Ginita Wall was named one of the top financial advisors in the country by Worth Magazine for eight years in a row. She is a regular columnist for, and is a member of the advisory board for Divorce Magazine.

She provides forensic accounting and financial guidance to men, women and their attorneys before, during and after divorce. 

Ginita is also co-founder of WIFE and the Money Clubs, and she is also originator of the acclaimed Second Saturday programWhat Women Need to Know About Divorce.

Ginita is author of several books, including Itís More Than Money Ė Itís Your Life and The ABCs of Divorce for Women.

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Business Week Interview
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Digevent: The Money Lunch
Prevent Tax Time Indigestion

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It's More Than Money--It's Your Life! 
The New Money Club for Women
A new book by Ginita Wall and Candace Bahr
Co- founders of
Written just for you, this book will address the most critical issues women have shared with us over the past fifteen years.
ABCs of
Divorce for Women
This book will teach you what you need to know to manage the changes in your life before, during, and after your divorce. more

Ginita Wall Talks Dollars And Sense To The Soon-To-Be Divorced
Article: Registered Representative Magazine


Ginita Wall is available for speaking engagements.
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